Ship Things that Matter

I just read a blog by Seth Godin that posited that productivity tips are useless without a commitment. Once you have a commitment, you no longer need the productivity tips. One of the lines in his blog today began “Until you quiet the resistance and commit to actually shipping things that matter…” That got me thinking, am I shipping things that matter? I Corinthians 10:31 states “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” Am I shipping things that bring glory to God?

What is my product and does it matter? Big question! What are my priorities in life? God is my highest priority. My family is not far behind–my wonderful wife and two daughters. Even though it sounds selfish, I list myself as a priority so that I can be strong for my family and friends–without taking care of myself spiritually, emotionally, and physically, I cannot do anything for others. My career is important to me–doing things that help others succeed.

So, what am I shipping in these areas? Am I nurturing a relationship with the God of Love who wants nothing more than a relationship with me? Am I making time to nurture my relationship with my wife, or are we simply trying to maintain the house, deliver kids to where they need to go, getting our stuff done, and falling exhausted at the end of the day? Do I spend time needed with my girls to know them and understand what they are doing in school and what they like and don’t like? Am I taking care of myself–spiritually, emotionally, physically? Am I able to help others succeed at work or am I being pulled to this side project and that side project?

Earlier this year I went through an exercise in writing a life plan. It took some time, but allowed me to write down my priorities, envision the ideal state of each, assess the current state of each, and write some specific goals to move me toward the ideal state of each. I have not read through what I wrote in a few months–that is something I should do. The process was worth the time and energy I spent doing it. To see my priorities on paper solidified them in my mind. In some respects, it was in this process that I really began feeling discontent with how things are and began striving for what could be in my life. That is my new goal for this weekend is to review my life plan and see what strides I have made. Hopefully there are a few.

What are you shipping in your life? Do they matter to God? To you? To others? How do you know?


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