Quick Fix?

In my role as a career services director in higher education, it is rare that students seek me out for the entire process of career planning. Usually, they realize they are running short of money and come to find a part-time job to correct their cash flow. Or maybe they are a few days from graduation and realize they should probably find a job that matches their major. Regardless of the reason they are in my office, I always begin with the same question, “What do you want to do long term?” More often than not, the answer is “I don’t know.” Then often they will realize they know what they don’t want to do–anything but fast food.

The number one predictor of success in a job search is knowing what you want to do and going after it. Many college students I have worked with, including adults who have returned to college years later, want a quick fix. They simply want the job to produce the income. This frustrates me. I believe each individual is designed with natural talents and abilities they can use in their life. By using these natural talents and applying them to that area of their life where they produce income, they will enjoy a much fuller life, enjoying not only the fruits of their labor, but also their time away from the job. Their life will come into balance–physically, emotionally, relationally, spiritually, and more.

This is what I love–helping people discover their natural abilities and talents and applying them to the world of work, helping people live a balanced life so that they will succeed not only in their career, but also by living a balanced life.


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