When I Get Around To It

Round TuitGrowing up, my mom always had a few of these in the desk drawer. I was always fascinated by them, probably because I never figured out quite what they were. I couldn’t find “tuit” in the dictionary. It finally hit me while I was in college–it is not just a tuit, it is A Round Tuit! You may be saying, “Duh, Nick. I can read that!” Let me re-phrase that if you are slow like I was once. It is “around to it.” continue reading


It’s None of Your Business

Have you ever heard that phrase? Maybe from an older sibling in your youth or from a peer. “Business” may have been rendered “beeswax” or some other phrase, but it is all the same. The point is that you do not need to bother with this because it is not yours. “What I am doing is my life, not yours. Go live your life and let me live mine” is essentially the point they are trying to convey. I remember getting this phrase from a sibling and I have been hearing and seeing it in my home with my children recently. One wants privacy (usually the older), and the younger wants to observe and know everything about the older so that she can emulate her older sister, who she idolizes as way cool (most of the time)!

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What’s Your Story?

A year or so ago some friends had a son in a fatal car accident. The accident was their son’s fault and he owned up to his mistakes and paid the consequences. Recently, the mother was recounting a conversation she had with her son as he struggled with the gravity of the situation. “Son,” she told him, “God is giving you a story. I don’t know what that story is, but he is giving you a story to share.” Read the rest of this entry »

Running too Fast

Working in higher education, I tend to find myself running fast for sixteen weeks followed by an extremely dead time (once student leave campus) that allows me time to stop, look around, and figure out where I am. At the end of the fall semester, I was able to do this and realized that I was not on the path I wanted to be on, so I took that time, found wise counsel, and began exploring other paths–that is in part why I began this blog. Unfortunately, a couple weeks later, I found myself back on my old path, running as fast as I could, and being frustrated once again that I am not taking the time to check my coordinates and assuring I am on the path I should be. continue reading

Making Connections

Earlier an old memory popped into my mind, a memory from high school when I worked at a local restaurant, Grandma’s Kitchen, that was known for the home baked breads and desserts. As a server, I always looked forward to the tips and this was a nice summer evening when people were more interested in cooking out than eating at a restaurant, so traffic, and therefore tips were light that evening. Read the rest of this entry »

Trail Markings

Recently, my mind wondered back to a Boy Scout hike where one scout went ahead of the rest to mark the trail that should be followed. You can see some traditional trail marking signs here. Some were painted on trees, others cut into trees, they used rocks or sticks on the ground, or any other available resource to communicate to the rest of the troop which way we should go. Read the rest of this entry »