Running too Fast

Working in higher education, I tend to find myself running fast for sixteen weeks followed by an extremely dead time (once student leave campus) that allows me time to stop, look around, and figure out where I am. At the end of the fall semester, I was able to do this and realized that I was not on the path I wanted to be on, so I took that time, found wise counsel, and began exploring other paths–that is in part why I began this blog. Unfortunately, a couple weeks later, I found myself back on my old path, running as fast as I could, and being frustrated once again that I am not taking the time to check my coordinates and assuring I am on the path I should be.

Lucky for me, another semester has recently ended, my schedule has cleared slightly, and I am able to reorient myself once again. BUT, in just a couple weeks I fear I will be right back to where I was as I get into two summer programs I am involved in at work and begin preparing for the next semester. So, how can I avoid this trap, and truly begin following that other path that I feel called to? I have come up with three earth-shattering ideas! (Okay, they are not so earth shattering.)

  1. Check my life plan. Last summer I wrote a life plan based on Michael Hyatt’s ebook, Creating Your Personal Life Plan. As I look back, it was in this exercise that I really discovered my discomfort for my current situation. If you have never taken the time to write or think about a life plan, consider downloading Michael Hyatt’s ebook and try writing one for yourself. My fault has been in writing it and leaving it in the binder once I printed it out. I need to pull it out and review it more often.
  2. Make it a priority. In his book Quitter, Jon Acuff writes about getting to your dream job. One of his very practical suggestions, which I have not done well, is to make reaching your dream job a priority. Jon talks a lot about getting up and 5:00 a.m. to work on your dream job while the rest of your household is sleeping. This is definitely something I have not done well, but am finding more time to do, especially with summer approaching.
  3. Take action. You can have a dream, but it will never become a reality without action. I have written about just taking the one next step. If you take a step and it isn’t the exact right direction, it is not too far to correct. Dave Ramsey talks about just making a decision and moving. If it is the wrong decision, make another decision to get back on track. In many ways, I like his thinking. Don’t just sit there, do something!

So what am I going to do? By the end of this week, I am going to review my life plan and update it as needed. I am also going to write in my schedule times to do that every month. I have some vacation time planned this summer, perhaps I will block off one of those days to have a mini personal retreat. I will start there and will try to let you know how it goes!

What path are you on? Is it the right one? Do you need to change course? What is your next step?


One Comment on “Running too Fast”

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