When I Get Around To It

Round TuitGrowing up, my mom always had a few of these in the desk drawer. I was always fascinated by them, probably because I never figured out quite what they were. I couldn’t find “tuit” in the dictionary. It finally hit me while I was in college–it is not just a tuit, it is A Round Tuit! You may be saying, “Duh, Nick. I can read that!” Let me re-phrase that if you are slow like I was once. It is “around to it.”

Ever told someone you will do something when you get around to it? I have. My wife when she presents a honey-do list, my boss when they give me a task I really don’t want to do, others when they ask me to do a task. I have even told myself this.  “I would love to x, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.” I would love to:

    • start my own business
    • find a new job
    • plan regular dates with my spouse
    • read the Bible more
    • join a small group
    • travel to [fill in the blank]
    • go after my dream

I just haven’t gotten a round tuit yet. Well, let me give you a virtual round tuit so that you no longer have that excuse.

Oh, that wasn’t your actual excuse? Then what is it? In my recent journeys I have had many round tuits that have masked as other things: fear, money, security, time, that thing called a J-O-B, and more. Each in their own way have kept me from doing the things I truly would like to do. Call these distractions what they are–distractions–and move past them. Figure out what the next best step is to move you toward your goal and go after it!

What better day to begin than today, right now? What are you waiting for? What does your “round tuit” represent that is keeping you from your dreams? What is the next best step you can take to move toward reaching that goal?


5 Comments on “When I Get Around To It”

  1. skropp says:

    Great post Nick! I know that’s my struggle…not letting life happen to me, but happening to my life, so to speak…living “on purpose”.

  2. skropp says:

    Great post! This is something I struggle with, not just letting life happen to me, but happening to my life! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Skropp, it does take a plan, just like getting out of debt. Michael Hyatt has a great e-book on writing a life plan that is free just for signing up for his blog at http://www.michaelhyatt.com. After reviewing my plan in the last week, I have accomplished a few things I had even forgotten I wanted to work on.

  4. I LOVE the round tuit!!! I need to get me one of them. Fortunately, I’m on the road to the dream and taking the necessary steps to achieve it… and I am already living some of it. I do need to get “around to” doing a few other things, especially when it comes to unpacking a stack of boxes that has been sitting in my house since we moved in last year and getting some exercise time in my busy schedule. I’m committed to getting the unpacking done in the next three months. And now it’s in writing. Great post Nick!

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