What Are You Looking For?


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Last week I had a great conversation with my wife about a decision I have been struggling with. I feel like I have been struggling with it for a while, and I have. In the course of our conversation, she asked me a great question: “Nick, are you so focused on what is not going well that you are ignoring the blessings?” That is one of the primary reasons I married her, because she always gives me another perspective. I could not answer her at the time, and I am not sure I can give her a great answer yet, several days later. 

Over the weekend, I read The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven. I found the book to be encouraging in that it reiterates that God does really care for us. There was a passage in the book that I had to read a few times, mainly because it reiterated the question my wife asked a few nights ago.

The author was lamenting that during an extra stressful time in his oldest son’s recovery, an ice storm came through and topples a couple large trees on his property–one onto his house and another blocking his long driveway. At some point prior to that, the power had gone out at his home and he took his other three children (all under 5) to a friend’s house. In sharing this situation with his father, his father basically said this (my paraphrase):

What a blessing that the power went out and you took the kids off the property while you could. What a blessing that the damage from the tree on the house was primarily in the roof, which needed replaced anyway. Now you can have it replaced with insurance money rather than having to pay for it yourself. And what a blessing that all the weak trees on your property are gone, so that you won’t have to worry about more trees falling on the house or kids while they are out playing!

When I see and/or hear things repeatedly, I begin to listen a little more. It is kind of like when I call my kids. When they ignore me, I continue calling them because I want their attention (sounds like a future blog post!). God must be doing the same. “Nick, listen! I am trying to get your attention! Look at the blessings I am giving you!” Kind of like the kid’s song “count your many blessings, name them one by one.” So that is what I am going to do next–I am going to go and count my blessings. I will look at my family, my friends, my career, my community, my experiences and record my blessings over the next week.

When is the last time you counted your blessings? I encourage you to set aside time each day this week to do just that! Look at various areas of your life and uncover the wonderful things in your life.


5 Comments on “What Are You Looking For?”

  1. skropp says:

    Great post Nick!! It’s so, so easy to forget to see the good, Andy Andrews’ new ebook (free from http://www.andyandrews.com) touches on that…noticing the perfect moments. That has totally changed how I try to look at things! Thanks Nick, for sharing!

  2. […] much in life to be thankful for–am I communicating that to those blessings in my life? I just wrote on this earlier this week.  They have reminded me that among things I don’t care for, there are many […]

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