For the Hundredth Time…

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Does this play out in your house?

Dad: Cali, can you come set the table for dinner? [no response]
Dad, a little louder: Cali, it is about time for dinner, can you set the table? [no response]
Dad, yelling now: CALI! TIME TO SET THE TABLE!
Cali: Huh? Is supper ready? I’m hungry.

I am sure anyone who is a parent can understand this. Perhaps some of you who do not have children recall your parents complaining that they have to call you several times. Either way, children are often distracted. It could be the television, friends, music player in their ears, reading, or any number of things.

Recently I have come to discover that I am like many children–distracted. I know many of you are shocked. After all, I should have outgrown that years ago! My wife will (very easily) support my claim and wonder why it took so long for me to come to this self-realization. I am distracted by books, sports (although we have a lull for a couple of months between hockey and football),  and everything there is to do in the house, outside the house, at work, at church, etc.

So, you are probably wondering how I came to realization that I am distracted. Common themes. As mentioned, one of my many distractions is reading. I prefer non-fiction primarily, usually in the religious or leadership categories. I enjoy reading several blogs along the same lines. I keep a “to read” list on Goodreads and when I run out of books, I log onto my local library or college libraries’ sites to see what might be available. I do love interlibrary loan programs–if you can’t find a book, ask the librarian and they likely have agreements with other libraries to get it for you! The first few books I find from my list, I request, so there is not really any strategy to what I read when, just what is available.

Recently I have discovered that the books available tend to be along a few themes:

  1. Commitment to Calling In the last two months, I have read Not a Fan and Radical. Both of these books has challenged me to live an authentic life where my priorities are in order. Am I a fan that is going to a stadium or arena on Sunday mornings or am I a committed follower, doing the stuff God calls me to do, even if it isn’t comfortable or in line with what the American Dream says I should be chasing?
  2. Gratitude Books in this category have been Dream New Dreams and 365 Thank Yous. There is so much in life to be thankful for–am I communicating that to those blessings in my life? I just wrote on this earlier this week.  They have reminded me that among things I don’t care for, there are many blessings.
  3. Your Story I  enjoyed both books that spoke about this: The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Both of these books are more biographical in nature. The first one listed is set in a town just north of where I live and is very encouraging. The ordeals this family went through, the great joys and great lows they experienced, and how they trusted God through it all has given them a wonderful story to share the love of Christ with the world. The second book will help you in learning how one man learned to share his story (I have alsowritten on finding your story previously).

These themes continue coming up also in the blogs I follow, which tells me that God is trying to get my attention about something and I am beginning to learn what. So, I am asking Him for ears to let me hear and eyes to see.

Are you distracted? Is God trying to get your attention? How is He doing that and are you listening?


3 Comments on “For the Hundredth Time…”

  1. skropp says:

    Am I distracted? Haha yup. Most of the time. I don’t think I could be diagnosed ADD by a medical professional, but I’m pretty sure my wife has made that diagnosis!
    God is always trying to get me to pay attention! Often times with me He does it through other people. It’s amazing the things my wife or friends will say or suggest that had been in my mind!
    Ive been working hard to be in places God wants me to be lately. Trying harder to learn where I suppose to be and then GOING THERE!! It’s tough, but I think I’m at least going in the right direction!

  2. Glad you are moving in the right direction. I am amazed at the variety of sources God will use–spouses, friends, books, blogs, and more. His plan is perfect!

  3. […] voices that count. I have noticed my daughter will tune in to a show on the television and it is hard to get her attention. I either have to break that focus, usually by yelling her name, or remove the object of her focus […]

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