Listen to Your Customer

Have you ever worked with a sales person who would just not listen to you? I just had this experience and I felt bad for the poorly trained soul on the other end of the line.


telephone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just got off the phone with student from one of my alma maters. It is phone-a-thon time for that institution, when the development office hires students to chat up some alumni, help them recall great experiences from their college years, then ask for a donation. I get these calls from both of my alma maters and we usually give to one of them. This call was from the one we usually do not give to. I was there only a year and my connection is with a very few individuals and not so much to the institution. Read the rest of this entry »


Keep Dreaming

One of my favorite roller coasters is the Raptor at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Probably my second favorite used to be right behind the Raptor in this photo–the Blue Streak. There are many reasons the Raptor is one of my favorite coasters. The biggest has nothing to do with the coaster itself.

Raptor , montagnes russes à Cedar Point

Raptor , montagnes russes à Cedar Point (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The biggest reason the Raptor is my favorite coaster is because of a conversation I had while waiting in line. It was the summer of 1996 and the Raptor was in its third season at Cedar Point. My future wife and I tried to get there each summer while we were dating, it was less than two hours from her home, so an easy trip. That summer we had been dating for about two years and would be married that winter. The line for the Raptor was long, probably close to two hours. This was fine because it meant that my future bride and I could stand in line and talk for that long. On this particular trip, I remember talking about our future together and the dreams we each had.

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How the Old People Captured the Flag

Deutsch: Capture the Flag, Fahne im Spiel

Deutsch: Capture the Flag, Fahne im Spiel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week I am facilitating a leadership challenge with about a dozen high school students. The program is great in that it not only teaches the students about leadership, but also forces them to immediately put into practice what they are learning. One of the ways we do that is through giving a small group charge over planning evening activities. Last night’s topic was “Team Competitions.” The small group’s choice was Capture the Flag, “old people” versus students. Now, please keep in mind that the old people group consisted of all our staff–from ages 15 to leaving the mid-thirties, so we were not so “old.” Out of shape, definitely, but not old.

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