Trust Amid the Unknown

Growing up, my older sister and her husband would take me and my other sister on country drives. At each intersection, we would take turns and the next person would choose which direction to take at each intersection. I was four or five and had no idea where we were–we could have been hundred of miles from home for all I knew. We were probably only ten. It was an adventure to see where we ended up. Thinking back, somehow we usually somehow discovered an ice cream shop to get a cone. I loved to play this game with my family.

My daughter hates this game. When we play this, before she tells us which direction she chooses, she firsts asks where we are going. I would answer her “where ever we end up.” She is one who does not like ambiguity.

Recently, I was at an intersection in life. If it were my turn in this game, I would have told the driver to go straight and not take the side road.  But it was not my turn to make the call. The intersecting road would likely lead to a lot of stress, fear, and pain. I really wanted to go straight on the road I was on, not turning off on the alternate path. I knew that it was the driver’s turn to make the call and I wasn’t sure where he would take me.

My driver is God and I trust Him on this road we are on. One morning, I expressed my “vote” for the direction we should take at this intersection. In that conversation, I knew that He had a bigger plan–like my sister and her husband taking us for ice cream cones when we were young. I didn’t know which path He would use to get us there, but I trusted that He would keep me safe.

I am thankful that God chose to go straight in that intersection and not take the side road.

Are you able to trust God on the path you are on, knowing that He may take you down an unpleasant path to get to a great reward at the end?


One Comment on “Trust Amid the Unknown”

  1. Carol Christian says:

    I love reading your blogs, Nick!

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