The Unexpected Birth

As we continue our look at the unexpected events of Advent, let’s look at the birth of Jesus. The world expected someone to free them from Roman rule-a political liberator. What they got was a personal liberator.
Joseph is required to travel to his family’s hometown of Bethlehem. Mary travels with him, although we are not sure why since they are not yet married. Nine months pregnant and wanting to travel with Joseph by donkey to a small town for days away. Once there, instead of a comfy room prepared for them, they take the only available space– the barn.

It is there that baby love crashes into the world. The world was looking for a king. Instead they received the sweet innocent trusting love that will change the world forever. You would think this baby would be headline news, much like the expected birth of Will and Kate’s first born. Not so. This news was announced only to a group of men considered the lowest of society– the shepherds.

Luke tells us that the shepherds immediately left their flocks to travel to Bethlehem to see this baby wrapped in clothes. Perhaps if the angels had appeared to others in the higher class, they would not have come to a smelly barn to visit as baby. But after their visit to the baby in the stable, they shared the good news throughout town and the news spread.

Are you open to receiving news from those who should not know?


One Comment on “The Unexpected Birth”

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