Waking Up is Hard to Do

The other day, my alarm went off at the regular time of 5:10 a.m. My first thought was, “I really don’t want to get up.” But the alternative of picking up my phone and fumbling with it to snooze the alarm required too much thought and effort. I decided it was just easier to turn it off and get up.

My next thought was “waking up is hard to do” which led me to singing the line from Neil Sedaka’s song. I didn’t know any other lines, so that one line stuck with me all day. Eventually, I looked up the rest of the lyrics and tended to agree with them. Don’t be blue, just get up, stretch, and face the day.That is what I had done that morning.

After reading Quitter (affiliate link) last summer, I have been trying to wake earlier each day. Jon Acuff writes about putting in your time before the rest of the family gets moving in the morning. His goal is for you to turn your dream job into your day job without sacrificing the stability of the day job. The early morning hours are the time that Jon is able to write. I have been using my time to exercise a little, have my personal quiet time, and read. It is usually nice to just have a little time with my thoughts as well.

I haven’t been extremely consistent in rising early but I have been doing well over all. It helps when I have as plan of attack for that first hour or so. One of my current reading sources during my morning time is my friend Andy Traub’s book Early to Rise. In this book, Andy provides daily encouragement to help you begin a new habit of rising early.

In the introduction, Andy discusses your motivation for rising early. For Andy and Jon, a big reason for them to rise early is to write. For me, it is simply to have some peaceful time before the busyness of the day sets in. My wife and children are still asleep. When I don’t wake up early and get thrown right into our hectic morning schedule, the entire day seems more chaotic and I never feel like I can catch up.

I have noticed that after a few days, waking early begins to wear a little on me physically, but overall I am enjoying my time in the morning. I find I am ready for bed earlier, but the main thing I am missing is the evening news, where I have to listen to all the bad stuff that has happened that day in order to learn what tomorrow’s weather will be. Luckily I found an app to keep me up to date with the weather so I can roll over and go to sleep.

Are you an early riser? What do you get out of rising early? If you don’t, would you consider a thirty-day challenge with Andy’s book for encouragement? Not only will you get the e-book in every major form, but Andy will also include 31 days of audio and a daily email to encourage you as well.


2 Comments on “Waking Up is Hard to Do”

  1. Kay says:

    I got a free copy of “Early to Rise” but haven’t looked at it yet. Just purchased a copy on Amazon to support Andy. I’m trying to work on a different habit each month this year. Maybe March will be rising early.

    I also read “Quitter” and saw that Jon’s new book goes on presale today. I think he’s very motivating though I’m not planning on quitting my day job.

    • Kay, I was watching the tweets last night from the Start launch party. I am looking forward to reading Jon’s new book as well. I think both books have great information for those with entrepreneurial spirits–wanting to make things the best they can be, whether in their current position or a new business. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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