March: Lion or Lamb?

You know the idiom–March will come in as a lion and go out as a lamb. It refers to the weather. At the beginning of the month, the weather is cold, brutal and powerful. In four short weeks, it will be calm, warming, and peaceful (hopefully).

Today, I was enlightened to learn about a different lamb that many expected to be a lion. As he was born, people were looking for a lion, for someone to overthrow the current regime that had oppressed them and ruled harshly. But they got a lamb–a little baby, meek and mild, born in a barn.

Fast forward 30 or so years. This man comes into town for a national celebration. The people are waving palm branches–the symbol of their national pride. They shouted a slogan that means “give us freedom.” In the background, there is an increased presence of the military as this time of year commemorates their freedom from slavery under previous captors. As this man watches the goings on, he cries. He realizes that the citizens are seeking a lion to deliver their nation through peace and rebellion. In a few days, they will ask for the famous jailed insurgent to be freed

This man comes as a peaceful lamb. At a time where their national heritage has them choose a lamb to represent their family, this man comes to town in peace. He comes with a great love to deliver the people from those things oppressing them. Those things are personal and inward. They are not what other people and powers are doing to them, but what they are doing to themselves. This man comes to liberate their hearts. He cries because the people do not see that they are lost themselves. His time is nearly done yet there is more to accomplish.


2 Comments on “March: Lion or Lamb?”

  1. Cate Brinnon says:

    Lion of Judah, Lamb of God, Prince of Peace….My Lord.

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