What is your next step?

Last week I handled several concerns along the same lines from both adult and student clients. Those concerns sounded something like these:

  • I know where I want to go, but not sure how to get there.
  • How do I know whether to take a job or not?
  • I am not quite sure what to do now, but ultimately I know where I want to be. What should I do?

The answer to these is easy: do something. Take a step in the general direction you are heading, any direction actually will work. Even if it is not in a straight line toward your goal does not mean you should rather stand still. Just taking a step will help. Just like Newton’s Law of Motion–once you are in motion, you will tend to stay in motion. But if you are simply standing still, chances are it will be easier to remain still and just thinking about your goal rather than moving toward it.

Steve Jobs, in a speech to the Stanford University class of 2005 said that you cannot connect the dots of your life looking forward, only backward. I equate this to taking a walk through the woods. You may or may not know where you end up, but with each step you take, an entirely new panoramic comes into view because your view changes. You see more than you did a step ago. New opportunities open up to you. What you thought was a barrier, is not a help. A great illustration is the “leap of faith” scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

With a new perspective comes renewed hope that the path you are on is a good path. It is able to take you toward your goal. If you don’t have a clear goal, that path will open up a new view with many new opportunities.

What is your biggest hurdle in taking a step toward your goal?


4 Comments on “What is your next step?”

  1. drewtewell says:

    Good stuff, Nick! I’ve always heard the adage that goes something like, “It’s easier to steer a ship that’s moving than one that’s sitting still.” Have a great week!

  2. Carol Christian says:

    I’m finally feeling like I’m in motion! Finally!!!!

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